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Mykia Brooks is born and raised in Blytheville, AR., with two younger siblings and daughter of Dewitt & Dorothy Brooks. Mykia Brooks, CEO/Founder of Shyne HER Light, INC. started Shyne HER Light through an empowerment group on Facebook that grew to almost 400 active members in the group who are women! She surpassed things in her life that had the ability to disconnect her from her purpose. From dealing with depression, molestation, low-self esteem, suicidal thoughts, mental abuse relationship, Diabetes, and financial struggles she has overcome her biggest giants and uses her pain and trauma to empower other women to soar. Mykia Brooks is a Pastor of Nehemiah’s Holy Temple, Blytheville, AR. that believes in the power of healing, deliverance, and freedom helps other women to see their worth. Shyne HER Light was originally named “Shyne Your Light”, which was an encouragement God gave her when she was praying on a way to escape an toxic mental abuse relationship. Changed the name to “Shyne HER Light” when the empowerment group was created, because she realized all that she went through was to help the next woman!

"Sunshining in the dark, so that others can see"

Our Mission

Shyne HER Light, INC. empowers women and girls to become the best version of themselves that they can be through prayer and discipleship. Focusing on encouraging and motivating women to reach their highest potential, realizing their Queen status. Queen status is that each woman and girl is a force to be reckon with and unstoppable. To provide support that benefits every woman and girl that has every faced hardship or have been battling in the dark silently or publicly. To shine light in the dark so that women and girls can become healed, freed, and delivered to be compel to help motivate, edify, and motivate the next woman. 


Our Vision

To promote women empowerment, women becoming BOSSES, education, Advocates for mental health, Advocates for Diabetes, Advocates for Cancer, Advocates for Any type of Domestic Violence, Mentoring Women and Girls, Sisterhood, helping women with Marketing for their Business, Providing support & love for single mothers , college students, low income households, and motivation!

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